Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017


We are happy to announce, that EX14 – Space for Contemporary Art launches its first Artist-in-Residence-Program ANWESENHEITSNOTIZEN. EX14 invites artist Line Finderup Jensen to spend the upcoming summer (1st August – 30th September) in Dresden.

Line Finderup Jensen creates in her work an immersive space that mirrors our collected reality while still suggesting an otherness to our individual current perception. With the use of the possibilities of new media, especially the genre of video games, she is searching for a way to understand one another better by the use of these technologies.

In her newest work, a video game named „Wien Therme“, she is exploring „gaming“ as an interactive narrative in filmic storytelling. The game is build on a personal experience of Line Finderup Jensen at the Therme in Vienna, inviting the player to interpret the conversations and inputs in his/hers/ hens own way.


Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz Dresden
Stiftung Kunst und Musik für Dresden

Samstag, 1. Juli 2017


Tobi Keck(LE)

 canët appear in the Texas State School book depository
on november 22nd 1963 and hope to stop the Kennedy-assasination.
One canët witness the building of the pyramids or the sack of rome.
Or investigate the age of the dinosaurs, first hand.
No, fellow time travellers, have a look around you:
This is the past. Itës empty. Itës silent.
Itës a world with all the meaning of a discarded old paint can.

Stephen Kingës The Langoliers (1995), Regie: Tom Holland

30.06.2017, 19–22 Uhr

01.+02.07.2017 15–18 Uhr